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Youth Action campaigns

OurorganisationAs Youth Voice is one of core areas we are regularly involved in various campaigns around young people and their issues. Our campaigns focus on raising awareness, making a difference and developing a range of participation skills within the young people. We encourage young people to set up campaigns about issues that affect and are important to them.

We also have annual ventures that have developed over time and become a priceless part of our activity calendar.

Anti – Tobacco Youth Campaign

When – This annual campaign links in with No Smoking Day

The overall aim of the Anti-Tobacco Youth Campaign is to offer a way of expression for young people to campaign about smoking and other tobacco issues so that you are empowered to influence the social, political and economic environment and culture in which they live.

Youth Volunteering Campaign

When – This annual campaign is ties in with Volunteers Week in June.

The aim of this campaign is to promote volunteering and civic responsibility in young people. This campaign targets young people aged 16-25 who are often thinking about summer holidays and things to do. The initiative includes a range of activities that engage young people in different volunteer activities. This allows young people to develop Active Citizenship skills and become more community focused.

Annual Shoebox Appeal

When – This campaign takes place every year around December

This project is a fundraising campaign and gets young people to think about supporting others who are at risk of poverty and homelessness. The project involves packing shoeboxes with gifts, essentials and toiletries and these are distributed amongst local homeless people. At a time where people are spending time with their families this campaign ensures that those who for whatever reason are not able to are remembered are valued.

To get involved in any campaign, find out more or set up your own campaigns about issues that affect you contact us.


Become a local campaigner

Do you want to have more influence over the things that matter most to you? Why not make the most of your talents and become a decision maker?

Campaigning is a way to tackle issues most important to you. They could be issues involving millions of people, or local issues that only affect people living in your area. Whether the issue is big, small, national or local, if it’s important to you, it’s more than likely important to other people too.

Youth Action believes that local campaigners play a vital part in delivering our campaigns. Their contribution is essential in achieving tangible results for the community. Our local campaigners are people of all ages and from all walks of life who support our work in their free time.

Becoming a local campaigner may include:

  • Writing to and organizing a meeting with your MP
  • Organising a local event
  • Starting a petition for your campaign
  • Join the Youth Action Forum
  • Raising awareness about our work
  • Encouraging others to get involved

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How our campaigns work

Our campaigns are sparked by the needs reported to us by young people, communities and organisations. Our campaigns are all solution oriented and we believe that local campaigners play a vital part in delivery, their contribution is essential in achieving tangible results.

We aim to:

  • Listen carefully, and campaign on issues that affect you.
  • Ensure that your voice is heard, and you are treated fairly, positively and with respect.
  • We push for those who influence change, and work with you to bring about improved services.
  • We rally up as much support for all our campaigns, and joins ranks with partner organisations to succeed this.

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