Joint Projects

Joint projects have always been popular amongst the businesses that support us. These can take many forms, ranging from special promotional events and conferences to high profile recruitment initiatives or simple commercial offers and discounts for our members.

We are always open to hearing your proposal and, provided that it is managed responsibly and that it brings some benefit to young people within the region, we will be very happy to help you to develop, launch and promote whatever scheme or event you have planned.

Our members can give your business vital feedback about the view and opinions of young people of varying ages, and as a body of more than 5,000 individuals, they also constitute an important local market in their own right. If you would like to work with us to gain a useful insight into the youth market or if you would like to offer special deals to our members, we will be happy to discuss your ideas.

Moreover, as a registered charity whose work is both well known and well respected, Youth Action also makes an ideal partner for events and initiatives that concern young people and the issues that are important to them. Our involvement lends credibility to many commercial projects and you can call upon our expertise to ensure that yours is geared to achieve the best possible outcomes for all the parties involved.

Our understanding of youth issues and concerns is one of the key benefits that we can bring to any new partnership, and another is the fact that the regional media are usually very supportive of our projects. Our work makes a real and demonstrable difference to the lives and futures of young people throughout the North West and by working with us, your business can be seen to be playing an important role in making it happen.